Good Health Pass Principles

The Good Health Pass Collaborative’s first white paper, entitled, Good Health Pass: A Safe Path to Global Reopening outlines a set of principles and a call to action for policymakers and government agencies, solution providers, and the health sector. It is a critical first step toward open standards for health pass systems that are privacy protecting, user-controlled, interoperable, and widely accepted for international travel, and more.

Interoperability Blueprint Outline

The Good Health Pass Collaborative Interoperability Blueprint Outline is the first step toward a comprehensive interoperability blueprint for digital health pass systems. It offers a map of the key interoperability questions and challenges which must be addressed to produce digital health pass implementations that are privacy-protecting, secure, and flexible enough to respond to dynamic public health, scientific, and policy guidance regarding their use.

Interoperability Blueprint Draft

The Good Health Pass Interoperability Blueprint proposes a comprehensive standard for digital health passes, which will enable compliant passes to be universally recognized and accepted by airlines, airports, and border control agencies around the world, thus creating a trusted, convenient, and seamless travel experience.

More than 120 experts from the health, travel, and technology sectors contributed to the development of the draft Good Health Pass Interoperability Blueprint through an open and transparent process managed by the Interoperability Working Group for Good Health Pass at the Trust over IP Foundation, a JDF-charted organization within the Linux Foundation. In order to comply with IPR and antitrust requirements, providing feedback requires agreement to a brief disclosure in the response forms provided here (link).



“While individual countries are finding themselves at vastly different stages in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, international travel and its contribution to the global economy remains an on-going challenge for everyone. 1account strongly supports the objectives of the Good Health Pass Collaborative and the principles which underpin it, which align with 1account’s own values.

“1account’s approach to digital identity — putting choice and control in the hands of those who own their identity, striving for inclusivity, designing for interoperability — provides a trusted means for people to carry the important health status attributes in support of the Good Health Pass Collaborative.

“1account is proud to bring its experience and knowledge to help the Good Health Pass Collaborative to meet its valuable goals at this most challenging of times for global travel.”

Ben Keirle, CEO, 1account


“The Good Health Pass Collaborative (GHPC) is an important new initiative in the global effort to develop privacy protecting, interoperable health credentials. GHPC is taking an holistic, multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach, with experts across many different sectors. We see this as an essential requirement for success and 460degrees is proud to be counted as a supporter of this initiative.”

John Phillips, Partner, 460degrees


“7Skies is honored to participate in this new initiative, the Good Health Pass Collaborative, for the realization of a safe and seamless end-to-end passenger experience. We believe that setting standards for interoperable health pass systems will be a major milestone in the recovery of air travel. With our aviation industry experience, we look forward to contribute to the Working Group activities in defining standards that are not only technology-driven, but also ensuring usability for all types of passengers.”

Tetsuya Joko, Representative Director, 7Skies Inc.


“Enabling safe cross-border travel requires an open platform that protects individual data, promotes innovation, and allows for wide participation all while allowing for a superior traveler experience and safer outcomes. The Good Health Pass Collaborative outlines simple guidance that will make it easier for the multitude of stakeholders to work together quickly and shift the focus from starting international travel to re-enabling local economies for those most affected from the economic impacts of COVID-19.”

Glenn Gore, CEO, Affinidi

Airlines for America

“Airlines for America continues to encourage the federal government to take a global leadership role in setting standards for temporary COVID-19 health credentials (CHC) that promote simple and secure identity verification, protect the privacy of health records, and validate the legitimacy of test or vaccine records. We look forward to working with the Good Health Pass Collaborative to ensure that open standards for digital health passes protect against the risk of fraudulent documents and instill an additional layer of confidence for the traveling public.”

Sharon Pinkerton, SVP Legislative & Regulatory Policy, Airlines for America

Airports Council International

“We expect, from June and July, to see light at the end of the tunnel with the rollout of vaccines and by using tests to reduce quarantines, but it is cooperation on global standards towards a global harmonization of the process that will help to get us out of this crisis. ACI World supports efforts to harmonize data and interoperability of solutions, which will be critical to the success of industry recovery, giving states and passengers confidence in the aviation system.”

Luis Felipe de Oliveira, Director General, ACI World


“With a view to restarting international travel, we believe that an interoperable, trusted framework and ecosystem for the management of COVID-19 test and vaccination credentials must be a priority for the public and private sectors. That is why we fully endorse the 10 principles of the Good Health Pass. Among them, interoperability, control, inclusion, privacy and trust within the strictest compliance with existing legislation stand out as key factors for the success of this initiative. Governments, the health sector, the travel industry, and technology companies are all stakeholders with a crucial role to play. Amadeus conducted research among 6000 travelers last year showing that 84% said technology would increase their confidence to travel in the next 12 months. That’s why we believe collaboration is going to be the key to rebuilding and promoting the adoption of accepted digital health pass systems.”

Tomas Lopez Fernebrand, SVP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Amadeus

The AML Shop

“The Good Health Pass is here at a critical time to empower users to share their information securely to deliver safer travel for all in pandemic times.”

Gene​ DiMira, Chief Identity Officer, The AML Shop


“We are delighted to be part of Good Health Pass working group, as an initiative that will return confidence back to society and allow safer contacts and mobility, to restart the global economy.”

Nicolas Douliez, Chief Procurement Officer, analizA


“The world is too big and definitely too complex to fix international travel with a single technology. Good Health Pass, for the first time, brings us together to define both ethical principles and technical standards for a global solution.” 

Chester Drum M.D., PhD, Co-founder AOKpass and Special Advisor (Health) to the Director General, International Chamber of Comerce (ICC)

Australian Data Exchange

“This moment offers global technologist the opportunity to unite and collaborate for humanity to demonstrate how cohesive leadership can be seamlessly utilised by bringing together the best in interoperability, privacy, security and data sharing implementation standards to save lives, rescue industries and showcase the power of digital transformation necessary to beat Covid19.”

Joanne Cooper, Founder & Managing Director, Australian Data Exchange

BCD Travel

“We welcome the Good Health Pass as a collaborative effort for a safe return to travel. In workshops and discussions we’ll represent our corporate clients’ interest in the standardization and scalability of the initiative. Furthermore, we’ll continue to play an active part in the flow of information which will give corporations further guidance in this important next step of the recovery.”

Jorge Mesa, Director, Global Crisis Management, BCD Travel

Bindle Systems

“Small businesses and families have suffered so much over the past year. We built Bindle to safely bring people back together – an easy, private, secure way to reopen our neighborhoods – and we’re proud to be a part of Good Health Pass Collaborative.  As a Public Benefit Corporation, we support all of the Good Health Pass Principles, and we are especially passionate about the need for open, interoperable, and inclusive health credential platforms.” 

Gus Warren, Co-Founder and CEO, Bindle Systems

BizSecure, Inc.

“As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we will need to find a way to effectively restore trust among in our communities and opening our economies, and cross-sector initiatives like Good Health Pass Collaborative can ensure this mission is done right.”

Haydar Majeed, Co-Founder & President, BizSecure

BLOK Solutions

“Several companies – including our own – have already brought health passport solutions to market, and many more are in the process of doing so. At the same time, most of the world’s countries are trying to figure out what they need from a health passport, or if they want one at all. With both requirements and solutions in such a state of flux – and likely to remain so – the key to having solutions that remain viable and actually help manage this pandemic is for those solutions to be interoperable. Most of the health passport solutions currently on the market claim to be interoperable – as long as you accept their own solution as the base framework for any such collaboration. 

“What we really like about ID2020’s Good Health Pass is that it enables true interoperability, setting a basis for collaboration that is truly independent of any one solution while enforcing preservation of the values that led us to build a solution in the first place. We are very happy to endorse Good Health Pass, and commit its adoption to our product roadmap.”

Ariel Wolanow, Chief Technology Officer, BLOK Solutions


“As states, cities, and organizations ease restrictions on large events, such as sports and concerts, it becomes even more critical to have a proven, reliable, verifiable, and rapid testing solution to protect the health and safety of all involved. Having a comprehensive solution is important to ensure coordination across the entire process, reliable results, and protection of patient privacy and rights.”

Rob Lubeck, Chief Growth Officer, BurstIQ


“CANImmunize has a decade of experience providing Canadians with digital access to their immunization records.   Digital access to COVID-19 vaccine results, with appropriate ethical and legal safeguards, could play an important role in safely reopening society.  We support the Good Health Pass Collaboratives efforts to ensure that digital immunization certificates are appropriately designed to provide these opportunities with the necessary protections.”

Kumanan Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, CANImmunize

Centre Blockchain de Catalunya

“In Centre Blockchain de Catalunya we strongly believe in and work towards an open, decentralized world with uncompromised personal data privacy and security. The Good Health Pass Collaborative is built on exactly the same principles. And with the need to restore the global economy ensuring safety, transparency and personal data privacy it is a common goal and even responsibility to establish clear framework supporting interoperability and security of the future solutions and applications.”

Vasilisa Marinchuk, Director of International Relations and Engagements, CBCat


“CLEAR is proud to be part of this effort to create standards that will bring people back to the activities they love. The Good Health Pass Collaborative is an important first step to restoring global travel and reopening the global economy, and we look forward to working together to power seamless and safe experiences.”

Catesby Perrin, Executive Vice President of Growth, CLEAR


“As a family company with a more than 30-year history sitting at the intersection of travel, medical and financial services, we understand the impact of COVID-19 on international commerce; the challenges faced by medical partners required to publish health results to different standards across multiple platforms; and the effect on traveller confidence, and what’s needed to rebuild it. It’s why we were the first company to make COVID-19 testing easily available at airports across the UK. It’s why we’re working with governments and those in the travel ecosystem to improve legislation and build new solutions designed to enhance and ease the traveller journey. And it’s why we’re helping to shape the narrative and processes around digital health passes in partnership with Good Health Pass Collaborative (GHPC) – an organisation that’s aligned with our belief in the principles of interoperability, privacy by design and customer experience.”

David Evans, Joint CEO, Collinson

Continuum Loop Inc

“We’re excited to join the leaders involved in the GoodHealthPass Collaborative initiative. The pattern of focusing on building an open and inclusive system – that is focused on interoperability, privacy, and ensuring that nobody is left behind – can make a huge impact.”

Darrell O’Donnell, President & CEO, Continuum Loop Inc.


“As we endeavor to get our lives back to normal from this global pandemic and get the global economy back on track, it is very important to also focus on the social interactions between individuals. The initiative by Goodhealthpass is a true global initiative to address this issue and bring diverse communities together towards a common cause—like none other that we have seen.  Cozera is proud to be part of this initiative with our mission to deliver a solution, id-go, as a critical tool to help navigate everyone’s digital and physical lives easily and securely.”

Abrar Ahmed, CEO, Cozera

Critical Insights Consultancy

“The Good Health Pass Collaborative (GHPC) under the auspices of ID2020, is an initiative of global importance that will ensure that we develop a new harmonised mechanism to safely reopen society and our borders for international travel in a secure manner.

“Delivering privacy by design protocols for verified digital health credentials for covid testing and vaccines, that permits safe and secure interoperability to protect the health of communities, and protect against bad actors and fraud, developed through international expertise and unique collaboration.

“Critical Insights Consultancy is proud to be counted as an active supporter of this initiative.”

Michael O’Connell, Managing Director & Founder, Critical Insights Consultancy Ltd.


“At Daon, we believe that health safety is a right, not a privilege. For over two decades, our standards-based technology has been in use by hundreds of global organizations to create inclusive, privacy-centric, user-controlled, trusted digital experiences. With the rapid adoption of VeriFLY among the world’s leading airlines, it is clear that health identity solutions are essential in creating a path forward and addressing the pandemic. We are happy to support The Good Health Pass Collaborative and deeply share in its commitment to restoring international travel and restarting the global economy.”

Tom Grissen, CEO, Daon

“As a company directly involved in personal data and privacy domain, and providing Health Pass services, we recognise the strong need for the principles identified by the Collaborative, and commit to ensuring interoperability between all solutions and implementing our solution to meet the detail and standards of the principles as they are developed.”

Julian Ranger, Exec President & Founder,

DizmeID Foundation

“Dizme ecosystem is ready to actively support the Good Health Pass Collaborative. Self-sovereign identity, privacy preserving solutions, trust and interoperability are key pillars to enable a safe path to restart the global economy and a secure citizens daily life.”

Daniele Citterio, Chief Technology Officer, InfoCert, Premier Member of DizmeID Foundation


“Entrust works with governments and enterprises around globe to enable trusted identities, payments and data protection. Entrust supports the efforts of the Global Health Pass Collaborative to establish broad acceptance of user-centric, privacy protecting digital credentials that can achieve global interoperability, and we salute the open, inclusive and collaborative nature of this initiative.”

Patrick Tabourin, Director, Strategic Alliances, Entrust


“Evernym has contributed to the Good Health Pass Collaborative from the very outset not only because global travel demands global interoperability, but because personal health data demands security and privacy by design and default. That is our hallmark as a company and why we subscribe to every one of the Good Health Pass principles.” 

Steve Havas, CEO, Evernym


“Good Health Pass provide invaluable technical and ethical information for our work with a government Health Authority to fast-track a Digital Vaccine Certificate system. They are accelerating the work required to develop essential standards to control risks around Digital Health Credentials which potentially have severe consequences on the privacy of many millions that will use them.”

David Holt, Managing Director, Factorytalk


“FCM is dedicated to collaborating with organizations across all sectors to drive and promote the safe return to travel for all. We feel that in order to do that, our industry must work together to restore confidence in travel, foster an atmosphere of diversity and equality, and drive innovation to promote the health, safety and well-being of travelers globally. We believe in the Good Health Pass Collaborative’s mission to create an interoperable digital health pass systems framework to help restore faith and confidence in international travel and restart the global economy.”

Matthew DeMaris, Global Product Leader, Safety and Risk, FC Americas Corporate Brands

Ferrovial Airports

“As airport investor and operator, Ferrovial Airports, is fully aligned with Good Health Pass principles which aim to contribute to a balanced aviation industry recovery and a future sustainable growth.”

Gonzalo Velasco Zabalza, Business Plan and Innovation Director, Ferrovial Airports


“VAXCheck, a service of FirstVitals is in support of Good Health Pass guiding principles to foster collaboration in the privacy, security, interoperability of health records for both U.S. domestic and international travel.  With this collaboration, VAXCheck is looking forward to contributing and participating in the establishment of a secured and interoperable health pass system with other partners of the Good Health Pass Collaborative.”

Ernie G. Lee, CHRS, Chief Executive & Marketing Officer, FirstVitals Health and Wellness


“GBG is pleased to support the Good Health Pass Collaborative and the principles of user trust, privacy and control. It’s our aim to enable individuals to prove their identity and health credentials so they can travel and meet up again.”

Jonathan Jensen, Commercial Director Identity, GBG

Generali Global Assistance

“As a company focused on assisting people during their most stressful and difficult travel situations, among others, we felt it was important to endorse the Good Health Pass initiative to ensure that a digital health passport is a reliable and effective tool that enables eager travelers to go abroad safely. We’re excited to join our many great partners in this collective and will look to leverage our resources and expertise alongside them to ensure we provide the blueprint for a system that will facilitate the return to international travel and as a result reinvigorate the global economy.”

Chris Carnicelli, CEO, Generali Global Assistance

Global Privacy & Security by Design Centre

“Our health data consists of the most sensitive personal information, deserving of the strongest privacy. Release of our health data must be under our personal control. The Good Health Pass does just that: With Privacy by Design embedded throughout, you control the release of your digital health data, and to whom; all de-identified and decentralized,  Privacy and functionality: Win/Win!”

Ann Cavoukian, Executive Director, Global Privacy & Security by Design Centre


“When I heard what you are doing that made me very excited. Because as GovernID team we didn’t dedicate our lives to be a part a company that is running for only money, we dedicated our lives to be part of an organization that protects individuals and companies at the same time and also trusted by people and companies. Our strength is to be able to understand personal data protection laws, mainly GDPR (also CPRA, PIPEDA … many more) and create software solutions that is protecting individuals and at the same time enabling companies work in a compliant environment with very minor changes. I really would like to show you how.

“ID2020 is aiming to help people who lacks a means to prove their identity, we liked the idea. Hopefully people who needs will get a digital ID. As a digital ID is created the “privacy” start. Every move of the ID in the digital world will create a footprint that should be protected. Results of Good Health Pass Collaborative will create a lot of movement. User of these Passes should be able to track their own movements, that’s where we can contribute ID2020.

“And here is why this work is important: This work is about getting the world moving again giving the children their life back, getting our lives back. If there is a tiny chance to contribute to this cause; It’s a chance my team would never miss.”

Mustafa Özçakır, Co-founder, GovernID


“All borders are imaginary, but they do help us relate. Better together.”

Fredrik Lindén, Founder, ħamling

Health Innovation Alliance

“Health Innovation Alliance is pleased to join the global community seeking to accelerate the safe resumption of activities, such as travel, school, work, and other aspects of public life. Credentials that validate good health provide incentives to be well. We need the global community to ensure that the tools we will rely on to validate our COVID status are trustworthy and available to all so that we can travel. work, play and live life fully. Data and technology are readily available to help us reopen safely and quickly and the work we are doing through GHPC is critically important.”

Joel White, Executive Director, Health Innovation Alliance

Health Passport Worldwide

“The Good Health Pass Collaborative is essential to ensure the secure interoperability of health-tech solutions which put the individual at the very centre of data privacy and integrity. When used correctly through the Good Heath Pass Collaborative, technology is playing a central role in the reopening of borders, global economies, job restoration, sports and entertainment during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is happening today, across the globe, minute by minute. Health Passport Worldwide is deployed across three continents, with each country having its own specific requirement for data management and unique approaches to data privacy. This means a standardised framework approach is vital, providing constant transparency and accessible data regulations for the individual, the healthcare provider and wider industry alike. Further to that, in developing nations where access to technology may be restricted, a common approach must be put in place to provide inclusion for all societies. Health Passport Worldwide supports the Good Health Pass Collaborative fully.”

Robert Quirke, Founder & CEO, Health Passport Worldwide

HLN Consulting

“As a company focused on supporting public health agencies we are keenly interested in how immunization data is provided and used world-wide. GHPC provides us with an ideal opportunity to both educate and participate in an important aspect of this work.”

Noam Arzt, President, HLN Consulting

Hubbub World

“If there is one thing we gain from this pandemic, it should be the global interoperability of health data starting with vaccine passports and evolving into predictive models for healthcare across borders.”

Kumar Gopalakrishnan, CEO, Hubbub World

Hub Culture

“A necessary part of identity frameworks in the age of COVID-19 is the ability for ecosystems to cooperate and empower citizens to cooperate, which is what makes Good Health Pass, (and by extension ID2020) integral to holistic success. HubID and AQUA from Hub Culture are building blocks in the emerging digital identity world, where people own and control their data and identity online. We are pleased to be working together to bring a new vision of decentralized, individually owned data management to life.”

Stan Stalnaker, Chief Strategy Officer, Hub Culture


“If ever there was a time to rally around open technology and collaboration, it surely is now. That is why we are pleased to be a part of the Good Health Pass Collaborative. The IBM Digital Health Pass has the attributes of the digital health credential solutions that are needed most by being privacy-protecting, controlled by the individual, and designed to be interoperable and globally accepted.”

Eric Piscini, Global Vice President, Emerging Business Networks, IBM Watson Health

ICTS Europe Systems

“ICTS Europe Systems is proud to be part of such an important initiative. We are delighted that TravelDoc, our automated document verification solution, contributes to the standards-setting process led by GHPC. Along with more than 100 organizations in the technology, health, and travel sectors, we have realised how important it is that solutions are designed from the onset to be interoperable, both with one another and across institutional and geographic borders. With these strong collaboration and partnerships, we are confident that whole world will be back into the air safely soon.”

Guy Doron, VP Global Sales, ICTS Europe Systems


“Fragmentation is a risk we simply cannot ignore. To be valuable to users, credentials need to be accepted at check-in, upon arrival by border control agencies, and more. We can get there – even with multiple systems – as long as solutions adhere to open standards and participate in a common governance framework. But without these, fragmentation is inevitable, and travelers – and the economy – will continue to suffer needlessly as a result.”  

Dakota Gruener, Executive Director, ID2020


“IdRamp is dedicated to identity security, privacy preservation, data protection, and open-source interoperability. We understand the dramatic impact that an interoperable digital health pass system will have on society. Our enterprise customers across all industries are in dire need of a Health Pass system to help them return to work safely without compromising privacy. Supporting the Good Health Pass initiative is a critical step forward in restoring safety and improving how we protect health privacy in the future.”

Mike Vesey, President, idRamp

“As a MyData operator, a data exchange service intermediary, we fully support the Good Health Pass principles and look forward to collaborating for a fast return to normalcy. Together we can make it happen!”

Lotta Lundin, CEO & Co-founder,

Ink Aviation

“What GHPC has been able to do in such a short time is awesome. In seeking to foster collaboration instead of competition, a broad spectrum of companies can pull in the same direction to deliver interoperable solutions that future processes desperately need. Thanks for stepping up to taking the lead on this and we look forward to helping however we are able to.”

Shawn Richards, CEO & Founder, Ink Aviation

Integrated Biometrics

“At Integrated Biometrics, we proudly support The Good Health Pass Collaborative global initiative as an outstanding example of organizations coming together to deal with the impacts of COVID-19. Developing user-controlled identification systems that support individual privacy concerns is in the sweet spot for fingerprint biometric systems. Biometric systems are widely accepted in nearly all countries worldwide and can be utilized to create the trust required in dealing with global or regional health issues, just as they are trusted today by governments and commercial institutions world-wide for other identification needs.”

Steve Thies, CEO, Integrated Biometrics

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

“Health passes are a very important component of the toolkit available to governments to restart international mobility and reopen the economy. We are proud to endorse such important business-led initiatives to ensure that any digital health pass offered for use by the public must reflect the highest principles of integrity and respect for privacy. As the world’s most trusted business institution, we believe that the experience we gained through the development of ICC’s digital health pass, ICC AOKpass, will bring profound insights to this very timely collaboration.”

John W.H. Denton AO, Secretary-General, ICC

InterVISTAS Consulting Inc.

“The travel industry cannot afford fragmentation during pandemic recovery: just as a banking card can be used all around the world, we need to ensure that health information platforms are interoperable as well as privacy-protected.”

Solomon Wong, President & CEO, InterVISTAS Consulting Inc.

Intesi Group

“Intesi Group is delighted to join Good Health Pass Collaborative initiative and actively contribute with its knowledge and expertise to a joint effort in restoring international travel and global economy. Trust, Equity, Collaboration, Interoperability were the bedrock of Intesi Group digital services for the past 20 years. These values will continue to light our path for a better and collective good digital health passes.”

Viky Manaila, Trust Services Director, Intesi Group


“As an interoperable health platform, Invaryant supports the mission and work of the Good Health Pass Collaborative. The need for a secure, equitable, and universal digital health pass is urgent and far greater than anything that can be tackled by a single company. We look forward to collaborating with like-minded organizations to restore confidence within the global community.”

Ramon Dempers, Founder, Invaryant

IOTA Foundation

“If we are to solve the global pandemic situation of supporting the safe re-opening of national economies and travel at a global scale, it must not use only one technology or solution. It is of paramount importance that all the involved technologies and solutions talk the same language and adhere to the same ethical principles; so that solutions become truly global in nature and scale. The IOTA Foundation welcomes the work and leadership of the Good Health Pass Collaborative to gather knowledge that we are sure will accelerate adoption of all technical solutions and bring freedom back to the people.”

Dominik Schiener, Chairman of the Board of Directors & Co-Founder, IOTA Foundation


“iProov wholeheartedly supports the objectives of the Good Health Pass Collaborative, with its focus on data security and privacy, inclusivity and interoperability, and its alignment with the work of the WHO. As the world’s leading provider of face verification services, used by public and private bodies globally, iProov endorses this initiative’s goal of averting fragmentation and confusion for citizens and enterprises worldwide.”

Andrew Bud CBE FREng, Founder and CEO, iProov

Laniakea Health

“Seropass is built on the core belief that ensuring individual ownership and privacy of personal healthcare data will build a path to ethical and open sharing of information in healthcare to improve public health and unlock research and treatment breakthroughs. Seropass is excited to be a part of the ID2020 Alliance to join a broader collaborative of like-minded organizations and together build a framework for interoperability and mobility that will allow individuals to fully protect and achieve the value of their personal data.”

Alex Jonsson, Co-founder & CEO, Laniakea Health

Linux Foundation

“The Linux Foundation – as represented here through the Hyperledger, Linux Foundation Public Health, and TrustOverIP initiatives – is extremely happy to see this launch. We expect technology from all three communities will soon be used widely as society safely re-opens, and these principles will be an important guide for implementation. In particular, LFPH’s Covid Credentials Initiative has been working with the self-sovereign identity community since April 2020 on use cases, roadmaps, governance models, and white papers to guide public health authorities in their implementation, and we look forward to engaging with the Collaborative going forward.” 

Brian Behlendorf, Managing Director for Blockchain, Healthcare and Identity, Linux Foundation

Liquid Avatar

“We’re excited to be part of ID2020 and the Good Health Pass initiative. We are committed to the creation of verifiable credential solutions that rely on the binding of identity to a specific credential to create an immutable record that a user can present to validate proof of ownership and compliance.”

RJ Reiser, Chief Business Development Officer, Liquid Avatar


“As a basic element of healthcare, we should control our own personal health information with trusted, easy-to-use tools that protect privacy and security. We are providing this today to patients and caregivers in one of the largest health systems in the United States and, using this technology, individuals can download and control their COVID-19 vaccination credentials from their phones. We are excited to support global efforts in pursuing standardization, across many industries including healthcare and travel. The Good Health Pass Collaborative establishes the necessary principles and guidance for any industry on how to do this the right way and offers a blueprint for a much more powerful health information ownership movement.”

Mike Nash, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Lumedic


“There’s one thing the world agrees on – we need to address the health concerns today to support a return to normalcy. Delivering a global, interoperable health pass system can only happen if we come together in a way that meets the needs of everyone involved. This Collaborative will be critical in helping to define how we connect the pieces that will bring travel back safely, spark job creation and jumpstart the world’s economic engine.” 

Ajay Bhalla, President of Cyber & Intelligence, Mastercard

MIT SafePaths and PathCheck Foundation 

“MIT SafePaths and the PathCheck Foundation are delighted to join the Good Health Pass Collaborative. Safely restoring travel is critical to restarting the global economy, but critical issues, such as privacy and trust, health equity, efficiency, and interoperability must be addressed if these efforts are to be successful. Ensuring equity means that there must be alternatives for those who don’t own or are unwilling to use a smartphone. Paper-based credentials, such as those using QR codes offer the same level of verifiability and are ideal for vulnerable or privacy-sensitive populations.”

Professor Ramesh Raskar, SafePaths, and Founder, PathCheck Foundation
Vitor Pamplona, Chief Technology Officer, Vaccination Program, PathCheck Foundation


“As director at Mvine, I’m happy to endorse the principles outlined in the Good Health Pass: A Safe Path to Global Reopening white paper. This is because a concerted and collaborative effort is needed and the Good Health Pass provides exactly that. It’s timeliness and relevance is evidenced in the growing number of people who support it. I’m happy to stand up and be counted as one of them.”

Frank Joshi, Director, Mvine Limited


“Nanōmix has the only lab-quality, portable testing platform for both COVID-19 antibodies and viral antigen. Results are provided in <15 minutes and can be sent through Bluetooth connectivity in QR code format, Good Health Pass partner ready. Nanōmix is excited to work with the Good Health Pass Collaborative to help safely restore travel and reopen the economy.”

John Hardesky, CCO, Nanōmix

National Aviation Services (NAS)/MUNA

“Travel and tourism are undoubtedly the hardest hit sectors by this pandemic. A recovery will require leadership and collaboration by the different players, based on interoperable technologies to ensure the credibility of testing and vaccination records. As the leader in airport services in emerging markets, our blockchain-based digital solution, called MUNA, connects testing labs, vaccine centers, airlines and airports to support a seamless passenger journey with the necessary health precautions. We are proud to fully support the Good Health Pass Initiative.” 

Hassan B. El Houry, Group Chief Executive Officer, National Aviation Services (NAS)


“Panta Group is pleased to announce that we endorse the principles of the Good Health Pass. As vaccination programs are rolled out, public transportation will start to return to normal capacity. If we want to ensure passengers’ safety, we need a trusted, interoperable, open standard process for tracking COVID.

“While QR contact tracing has helped provide essential data to health authorities, adopting the Good Health Pass principles would also establish the critical standards-development process needed to facilitate socially responsible and innovative solutions to reopen the global economy.

“For international tourism to resume safely, public transportation should operate alongside interoperable health records to strengthen passenger safety.”

David Kahale, Founder and CEO, Panta Group

Prescryptive Health

“Prescryptive’s mission is to empower healthcare consumers with the information they need in a secure, privacy-preserving way on their mobile devices. With COVID-19, our ability to restart the economy requires a secure solution for all of us to present test results and vaccination status from our mobile devices in a way that is accepted by commercial institutions and governments while preserving our privacy and maintaining control of our most important information. The Good Health Pass Collective and the underlying open standards helps us achieve that broad acceptability by creating a consumer-empowering, scalable, open network.”

Chris Blackley, CEO & Co-Founder, Prescryptive Health, Inc.

Private Identity

“Private Identity endorses the principles of GoodHealthPass collaboration and looks forward to contributing to its blueprint for interoperable digital health pass systems. It is urgent for everyone to step forward and work together to stop the spread, enable safe travel and restart the economy.”

Mike Pollard, CEO, Private Identity LLC

Proof Market

“Proof Market, and with our MedCreds platform for issuers, holders, and verifiers of COVID-19 related verifiable-credentials, we are committed to supporting open standards and interoperability. As the founding member of the Covid Credentials Initiative, we are proud to see the open standards effort continue in collaboration with Good Health Pass and Trust over IP.  Only by working together as a community will we be able to deliver products to market that meet the urgent and global need for interoperable, portable, verifiable, and privacy-by-design vaccination and test-result credentials.  The work Good Health Pass community is doing will unlock global economic activity that otherwise would not be possible, Proof Market is honored to participate and contribute to the drafting groups.”

Tony Rose, Founder & CEO, Proof Market

Protectoria Venture

“At Protectoria, we want to enable digital sovereignty of all people – regardless of their nationality, country of residence, culture, and socio-economic status. We want to ensure ordinary people to control the ownership of their own data and to empower every citizen to act legally in the digital society and digital economy. Together with our partner Protectoria Global Inc. we are currently developing a privacy protecting solution for vaccination, test and recovery certificates for the ASEAN markets based on the open W3C standards for self-sovereign identities. Therefore we fully appreciate the principles laid out by the Good Health Pass Collaborative.”

Trond Lemberg, CEO, Protectoria Venture


“The Good Health Pass Collaborative is an important step for SecureKey as we look to the post-pandemic landscape and how important cross-industry collaboration will be to help build a safe path to restore international travel and restart the global economy through digital identities. We look forward to working with other leading organizations in the initiative to help improve the ways the public interacts with health services across geographic borders.”

Andre Boysen, Chief Identity Officer, SecureKey Technologies

Sentry MD

“With twenty-five years of experience tracking health records, including immunizations, Sentry MD is excited to participate in the Good Health Pass Collaborative.   We endorse the initiative and look forward to sharing our experience, learning from other contributors, and helping Good Health Pass meet its objectives.”

Jack Esselen, President & Founder, Sentry MD


“Far too many voices worldwide have already been stilled by this virus, and so many other voices are now crying out desperately for economic relief. The Good Health Pass Collaborative is already doing yeoman’s work to help the world to quickly find its collective voice on a crucial technological solution.”

Tim Bos, CEO, ShareRing


“As long time connectors of public health, providers and consumers, we know that collaboration is key when establishing standards for sharing data. We are glad to bring our expertise in this field to the table as part of the Good Health Pass team and look forward to empowering consumers with their health data so we can all get back to enjoying family, friends and travel.”

Kristina Crane, Chief Strategy Officer. STChealth

SymSoft Solutions

“The GHPC is engaged in addressing one of the critical problems of our times – creating a model for building trust in health credentials, while promoting equity and inclusion. Collaborating with GHPC has made me aware of the many facets of this interoperability challenge, and it is helping my company as we provide services in this area.”

Savita Farooqui, President, SymSoft Solutions


“I am honored to participate in GHPC to share my expertise and contribute to such a unique initiative, helping to address a critical need to standardize how an individual can safely, privately, and appropriately share their COVID-19 status information, using digital solutions.”

Rob Haslam, Strategic Advisor, T5-Mobile ID Solution, TECH5


“In order to reopen borders safely and bring investment back to local economies, the world needs a global platform that all parties can work with. There have been many companies working to find solutions to help us resume normality, including TENTO HEALTH. The last 12 months have taught us valuable lessons, this is not a once size fits all situation, the market is too large and without question far too complex to fix with a single technology. The Good Health Pass initiative brings many great minds and companies together so we can define the legal, ethical principles and technical requirements for a globally acceptable solution.

“TENTO HEALTH has been working on travel health data systems with our partners long before the COVID-19 pandemic hit our world, we have been working hard to push interoperability between best in class digital health solutions. We are very happy to endorse ID2020’s Good Health Pass, and dedicate our company to their product roadmap so see our vision come to a reality with everyone involved in this much-needed initiative.”

AJ Palmer, Chief Executive Officer, TENTO HEALTH

TrackMy Solutions

“The work being done at GHPC directly impacts our eVaccine Cards (created through TrackMy Vaccines) and eLabResults Cards (created through TrackMy Lab Results) being created for patients daily through TrackMy technology. This work is paramount to create an agreed upon set of standards to allow for systems to be interoperable so that we can safely re-open the economy and increase patient safety through a central-means of vaccine and testing result verification. We simply cannot rely on, nor accept – a paper-based means of verifying a vaccine administration or testing result as there is too much at stake to not getting this right.”

Jeremy Elias, Founder & CEO, TrackMy Solutions


“Travizory is delighted to join in the Good Health Pass effort to standardize how people can present their health status, especially as it will help the global travel industry to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Renaud Irminger, CEO, Travizory


“From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Trinsic has been working alongside many others to push forward the creation of a digital health pass that is secure, privacy-preserving, and accessible for all. The Good Health Pass Collaborative is the perfect place to make that happen.”

Riley Hughes, Co-founder & CEO, Trinsic

Trust Over IP Foundation

“The Good Health Pass Collaborative is bringing people together to solve a set of problems that are affecting the entire world. This ambitious effort aligns with the mission of Trust over IP by aiming to create viable digital trust founded on interoperable credentials at a global scale. Getting this right, and doing it now, will not only make it safe for people to travel again, it will open the door to new tools and services that can solve other challenging problems also needing global scale digital trust. For these reasons, Trust over IP is pleased to be hosting the governance taskforce that will support the Good Health Pass Collaborative.”

John Jordan, Executive Director, Trust Over IP Foundation

Trust Stamp

“In alignment with the Good Health Pass Collaborative, Trust Stamp is committed to delivering global-scale, universally accessible, privacy-first identity solutions directed to accelerating individual and societal health and inclusion.”

Phoebe Hargrave, Researcher, Trust Stamp

“With the aim to restore international travel and restart the global economy, shares in the vision and values of the Good Health Pass Collaborative. We strive toward returning control and ownership of digital health identity back into the hands of the individual, allowing them to store and share their health data if, and when, they choose to do so.

“The development of safe and secure platforms that protect the privacy of an individual’s data is essential as we look ahead. It’s critical that we ensure the legitimacy of identity verification and battle against fraudulent activities, as the world looks to open up borders and return to life pre-Covid.

“We’re delighted to be partnered with the Good Health Pass Collaborative during a significant moment in the world’s history. is delighted to be working with the initiative to empower the public to safely share their health data in a secure and compliant manner.”

Katy Reid, Chief Operating Officer,


“Tykn is a Dutch award-winning digital identity company focused on social impact. Our experience working with NGOs and governments on high-stakes use-cases centred around refugees and vulnerable population groups has given us great insights on human-centred and ethical design that we are happy to contribute to this initiative.. Helping Good Health be as intuitive to use as possible while caring for the privacy and security of its users.”

Khalid Maliki, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Tykn

Validated ID

“It is vital to take a step towards digital health pass systems that everyone can adhere to. Because it is important that we think of interoperability – in terms of digital health credentials – this can only be achieved if we work together on open standards.”

Santi Casas, CEO and Co-founder, Validated ID


“Reliability and trustworthiness of health data is an increasingly important aspect of our daily lives. To prevent the pandemic from turning into a global fraud pandemic, all stakeholders need to work together. The Good Health Pass initiative with its four requirements “Cross-Border”, “Cross-Industry”, “Secure & Privacy Protecting” and “Frictionless” lays the foundation towards a much needed interoperable, trusted framework and ecosystem and we as UBIRCH are more than happy to contribute.”

Karim H. Attia, CEO, UBIRCH

University of Arkansas, Blockchain Center of Excellence

“We are researching implementations of Digital Health Passes (DHPs) so that the world can get back to travel, work, school, and play.  Our investigation quickly revealed that DHP implementations vary significantly, and we need a set of principles to ensure effective and ethical uses of these systems.  The Good Health Pass Collaborative is providing just that.”

Dr. Mary C. Lacity, Director, Blockchain Center of Excellence, University of Arkansas

“Vlinder endorses the principles of GoodHealthPass collaboration and looking forward contributing to blueprint for interoperable digital health pass systems and building a safe path to restore international travel and restart the global economy.”

Malini Srinivasan, Founder,

VU Security

“When it comes to reopening borders and travelling again, we need to take care of aspects related to privacy and the safety of people, which are both priorities in these times. From VU we contribute to the protection of individuals through solutions that enable trusted identities, based on the idea of working in open and interoperable technologies. The GoodHealth Pass represents a strong initiative that encourages working for a more collaborative world post-COVID-19.”

Sebastian Stranieri, CEO, VU Security


“Yoti is a member of WEF Digital Identity Innovators, Future of Health and Future of Travel groups and is keenly participating in the Good Health Pass Collaborative, the Covid Credential Initiative (CCI), CommonPass – indeed all initiatives that help restore global travel and restart the global economy. Yoti is committed to working with governments and industry to help travel, tourism and society reopen safely using our credential management platform. 

“Our free digital identity app helps people securely store and share passport and health data while protecting their privacy. Anti-spoofing technology protects those sharing and receiving data, both online or in person. We will always strive for interoperability and to collaborate and ensure compliance with collaborative initiatives and international standards.”

Gavin Watts, Client Transformation & Project Delivery Director, Yoti


“As a Self-Sovereign ID platform offering COVID-19 vaccination and test certification, ZAKA supports the WHO and this complementary initiative to establish global standards for certification technologies. We view this initiative as an essential part of the route back to a new normal, where public health and economic wellbeing are achieved while respective personal privacy.”

Nick Mason, Co-Founder, and CEO, ZAKA


“As the world emerges from the pandemic, the need for cross-border harmonisation spanning the global travel ecosystem is abundantly clear and the Good Health Pass Collaborative is delivering mission critical work to make this happen. With each country adapting its own health-related travel protocols and policies, we are seeing different health documents, in different formats, written in different languages. What is needed is an open, inclusive and most crucially, interoperable framework that provides the technical guidelines necessary to unlock travel at scale. Verified health-bound identity data will be a critical piece to making this framework viable.”

Irra Ariella Khi, CEO, Zamna


“Enabling movement of peoples, within borders and across borders, is essential to kick-start economies. For this to happen, three key challenges must be addressed – accessibility (physical and digital certificates), fraud (curtailing the existing black market for test and vaccination certificates) and individual trust in the solution. The fundamental need of a vaccination certification solution, addressing these challenges and concerns, requires new thinking and strong technology vendor partnerships. Zebra Technologies are delighted to support the open, inclusive, cross sector initiative that the Good Health Pass Collaborative are spearheading.”

Alex Fryer, Regional Product Manager, Intelligent Edge Solutions, ZEBRA

General FAQ

What is the Good Health Pass Collaborative?

The Good Health Pass Collaborative is an open, inclusive, cross-sector initiative to create a blueprint for interoperable digital health pass systems that will help restore global travel and restart the global economy.

How did the Good Health Pass initiative get started?

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every segment of the global economy, but none as profoundly as travel and tourism. Last year, airlines lost an estimated $118.5 billion USD with related impacts across the economy in excess of $2 trillion USD. 

A COVID test is already required at many airports and international borders. But existing paper-based credentials are easy to lose, unnecessarily expose sensitive personal information, and are prone to fraud and counterfeiting – particularly when the stakes are so high. 

Digital health credentials can be printed or stored on an individual’s mobile phone. They enhance user privacy, and build trust by “binding” an individual’s identity to a test result or vaccination certificate in order to enable real-time, fraud resistant digital verification.

Since the start of the pandemic, efforts to develop these systems have been driven by and for the travel and tourism industry. However, the immense complexity of facilitating cross-border travel means that digital health credential systems developed for this purpose must engage an entirely new ecosystem of stakeholders that includes governments, and the travel, health, and technology sectors. 

The Good Health Pass Collaborative was launched by ID2020 – in partnership with other leading individual companies and organizations – to foster this collaboration and help ensure that these systems can deliver on their promise of restoring mobility and economic activity.

What are the Good Health Pass Collaborative Principles?
Privacy & Data Security Good health pass solutions must be designed and implemented to enhance privacy, support data minimization and auditability, and be compliant with relevant data privacy regulations. Solutions should not contribute to the creation of new centralized data stores of sensitive personal information.
User Control Good health pass solutions must allow individuals to own and control their health and identity credentials. They must provide transparency over how user data is collected, used, and shared. Individuals must be able to determine where, when, with whom, and for what purposes their data is shared.
Choice & Consent Use of a good health pass should be voluntary and consent-based. Those who do wish to use one should have a choice between a range of available solutions and using them on a mobile device, a secure physical form (e.g., a QR code, etc.), or both.
Trust Good health pass solutions must be trusted. They must be designed, implemented, and operated to the highest standards for privacy, security, integrity, and transparency. Trust frameworks that govern these relationships are required and should incorporate input from public and private sector stakeholders, including – to the extent feasible – civil society organizations that focus on equity and digital privacy.
Inclusivity Good health pass solutions must be designed to equitably serve everyone, including those who may be identity, socially, financially, digitally, or otherwise excluded. Alternative mechanisms should be available that offer a similar level of verifiability (e.g., paper).
Open Standards Solutions must adhere to broadly accepted open standards and be built upon open technology to contribute to transparency, compatibility, interoperability, and extensibility across the ecosystem and to prevent vendor lock-in.
Interoperability Good health pass solutions must be interoperable across institutional, sectoral, and geographic boundaries.
Extensibility Principles and standards developed for good health pass solutions to address the various complexities of international travel will be readily adaptable – and extensible – to other use cases for COVID-19 pandemic recovery and for seamless travel.
Social Responsibility Good health pass solutions address a variety of social and economic issues that impact everyone. These efforts should align with the principles outlined in the UN Global Compact for corporate social responsibility.
Is Good Health Pass a product? 

No. The Good Health Pass Collaborative is an open, inclusive, cross-sector initiative that includes policymakers, governments agencies, and organizations and companies in the health, travel, and technology sectors – including some that are developing digital health credential solutions and digital health pass solutions.

When we talk about digital health pass systems that are “good”, we mean that they align with the Good Health Pass Collaborative Principles and have been designed to be privacy protecting, user-controlled, interoperable, and widely accepted for international travel, and more.

What is the relationship between the Good Health Pass Collaborative and similar efforts of the World Health Organizations (WHO), Vaccination Certificate Initiative (VCI), and Covid Credential Initiative (CCI)?

We recognize that several efforts – each addressing components of this challenge – are already underway. These include the WHO Smart Vaccination Certificate Working Group, VCI, CCI (part of the Linux Foundation Public Health) and CAPSCA (a cross-sector program managed by the International Civil Aviation Organization- ICAO). 

The Good Health Pass Collaborative is not intended to supplant existing efforts, but rather to help weave them together, fill gaps where they may exist, and facilitate collaboration among a new ecosystem of stakeholders, many of whom have never worked together before, in order to achieve the level of global interoperability required for  internationally-recognized health passes.

Will people be required to use a digital health pass?  

No. Nobody should be required to carry a digital health credential on their phone. If a proof of health status is required by a relying party (e.g., border, airline, workplace, hotel, venue), there should always be an option to provide an alternative (e.g., a printed paper QR code) that supports a similar level of verifiability.

Policies defining under what circumstances proof of COVID status – vaccination or test results – is required for a particular activity is, of course, up to that relying party – or, in some cases, dictated by regulations in their jurisdiction. For example, COVID tests are already required at many airports and international borders. And, as vaccines become more widely available, countries will make their own decisions about whether to make proof of vaccination a condition of entry.

To date, there has been little in the way of official guidance to define the range of permissible use cases for digital health credential systems. Clear guidance and proactive policies are urgently needed to protect equity and inclusion, privacy, fundamental human rights, and other civil liberties. The Good Health Pass Principles and other forthcoming deliverables offer valuable guidance for policymakers as they consider these complex issues.

Will using a good health pass increase the likelihood of my being tracked?

No. Privacy by Design is a fundamental principle of the Good Health Pass standards. This means that a digital health pass compatible with these standards must not enable the user to be tracked any more than if they had used a paper credential.

What exactly is the interoperability problem and why is such a blueprint required?

Cross border travel presents one of the most complex use cases for digital health credentials, requiring extensive collaboration across multiple sectors and jurisdictions. No single company, industry, or government can possibly address it alone.

All the stakeholders involved—healthcare providers, testing labs, airlines, passengers, governments—should be able to choose the implementation that best meets their needs. And industry should be able to compete to offer the best solutions.

But with choice comes the need for interoperability. This can only be achieved through a set of open standards to which all digital health credential systems adhere. The alternative – fragmentation – presents a significant risk of  undermining acceptance, adoption, and ultimately, the utility of digital health credential systems. 

What are verifiable credentials and why are they important to good health pass systems?

The term “verifiable credential” is taken from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard of the same name. It is the term they used for the digital version of a paper credential, such as those we carry around in our wallet or purse (passport, driving license, health insurance card, employee ID, etc.)

What makes it “verifiable” is that the digital credential is digitally signed by the issuer such that any verifier (a party who needs to see a proof of the credential) can verify the cryptographic signature to ensure that it could only have come from the issuer and that it has not been tampered with.

In order for verifiable credentials to interoperate at an international scale, however, additional standards beyond the W3C verifiable credential standards are needed, such as accreditation of the COVID-19 testing labs or vaccinators issuing the credentials, certification that digital wallet apps are secure and private, proof of how the credential is bound to the identity of the holder, and agreement on the QR codes to be used to request a digital health pass. These are the types of standards on which the Good Health Pass Collaborative will be focused.

What other organizations are a part of the Good Health Pass Collaborative?

You can view the entire list of endorsing organizations here.

Prospective Partner FAQ

How can my organization get involved?

The Good Health Pass Collaborative is a “coalition of the willing” and will only be successful with the active participation of its partner organizations. There are several ways to support this work:  

Endorse: Confirm you or your organization’s endorsement of the Good Health Pass Collaborative principles. 

Engage: Join the Good Health Pass Collaborative – as an individual or as an organization – and participate in a working group or steering committee to help define and adopt the ‘Good Health Pass Ecosystem Blueprint’.

Educate: Companies and individuals can help educate policymakers, government, and civil society organizations about the need for good health passes to restore mobility and economic activity promote equity and protect privacy and other civil liberties.

Policymakers can help educate  their colleagues and constituents about the need for good health passes – both individually and by supporting funding for public information campaigns. Public information campaigns are an opportunity for collaboration and trust building between government and civil society organizations. 

The Good Health Pass Collaborative invites policymakers; companies in the health, technology, and travel sectors; and civil society organizations to endorse the Principles and join our effort to restore mobility and restart the global economy – and ensure that equity, privacy ,and other civil liberties are protected in the process.          

For more information about joining the Good Health Pass Collaborative or to be listed as an endorser, please click here for details. 

What activities is the Good Health Pass Collaborative planning in the coming months?

The Good Health Pass Collaborative has established three working groups:

  • Identity Working Group
  • Good Health Pass Blueprint Working Group; and 
  • Trust Framework Working Group   

Identity: This working group – made up of experts in the field of digital identity – will define and document an approach to “bind” an individual’s identity to their digital health credentials – based upon real-world physical actions, legacy system approaches, to then approach to user authentication and identity-device binding.  

Blueprint Working Group: This working group will develop the blueprint for digital health passes – from physical action (vaccination or test) through the entire travel journey. The blueprint will describe these processes, identify where existing standards may fit, and provide an overall recommendation for an approach to good health passes. 

Trust Framework: This working group – established in partnership with the Trust Over IP Foundation Governance Task Force – will engage experts with diverse expertise in health, digital identity, technology, health, and governance and will build on the outstanding already done at Layer 4 within the Trust over IP Foundation.

Joining a Good Health Pass Working Group is a commitment of time and expertise. Participants are expected to roll up their sleeves to participate actively on calls and make substantive contributions to the Collaborative’s work products. In addition to helping develop drafts, participants will also be invited to review and provide comments. At the time of publication, those who wish to be included will be listed as contributors, reviewers, and endorsers – as appropriate.

Please complete this form if you wish to participate in one of the Good Health Pass Collaborative working groups.

What is the timing of next steps?

Identity Workgroup: Kicked-off in January; open in February for additional experts who are able to participate in weekly workgroup calls; white paper to be completed in March.

Blueprint Workgroup: Open in February to experts in health, identity, technology, travel, and government and public policy. The February 11th webinar is the call to action for participants.  Working sessions will commence at the beginning of March. The Blueprint is expected to be completed in mid-April.

Trustframe Workgroup: Forming in February; kickoff in first week of March; white paper complete by end of April.

When will the Working Group recommendations be published?

The Good Health Pass Collaborative will publish: 

  • Good Health Pass Recommendations for Identity Binding – March
  • The Good Health Pass Blueprint – Mid-April
  • The Good Health Pass Trust Framework Template for International Air Travel – April 
How can my organization join the Good Health Pass Collaborative?

Please complete this form to join the Good Health Pass Collaborative.