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Covid-19 Passports Aim to Streamline Travel Requirements. But There’s no One-Size-Fits-All Fix

February 18, 2021
Washington Post

International travel declined by around 90 percent after the pandemic hit — but those still crossing borders may have begun to encounter a novel concept: “covid-19 passports”.


Less Risk, More Freedom

June 6, 2021
Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

On June 6, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change published a paper entitled, Less Risk More Freedom. It emphasizes the need for a global interoperable system of health passes that are secure and privacy protecting and that enables individuals to provide proof of their COVID vaccination or test status. The paper offers recommendations for both travel and domestic settings, and focuses on how digital health passes can make it easier for people to safely access a variety of settings.


What Would a Vaccine Passport Look Like?

May 11, 2021
Wall Street Journal

Startups, governments and nonprofits are racing to create so-called “vaccine passports,” or digital health passes aimed at helping people travel and safely move around in public. WSJ explains what it would take to get a global digital health pass system off the ground.

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