The Good Health Pass Collaborative (GHPC) was born out of the urgency to reopen international travel and borders in a secure and privacy preserving way. It weaves together existing efforts and present a path toward “good” digital health passes built on key fundamental principles.

Steering Committee

Led by ID2020, the Good Health Pass Collaborative is overseen by a cross-sector steering committee that is responsible for setting strategy and direction for the Collaborative. The Steering Committee membership consists both of foundational members who have helped shepherd the work from the beginning, as well as representatives from the various sectors impacted by the Collaboratives work.

Trust Over IP Foundation

The Trust Over IP Foundation (ToIP) is part of the Linux Foundation, and plays an important part in the Collaborative. As a Joint Development Project, ToIP provides a home for the work of drafting recommendations, such as the Good Health Pass Interoperability Blueprint. The Foundation facilitates and encourages open, cross-industry participation, while still respecting IPR and antitrust considerations.

The Good Health Pass Working Group was established with nine "drafting groups", each aimed at tackling a specific interoperability challenge. Meeting regularly to work on their assigned areas, the drafting groups produced recommendations that form the basis of the Interoperability Blueprint.

The working group continues to develop ancillary material in support of the interoperability goals outlined in the blueprint. This provides an ongoing opportunity for those who wish to participate in the working group.

Getting Involved

There are a number of different ways you and your organization can participate in the Good Health Pass Collaborative. This can take the form of full membership in the Collaborative or participation in the associated working group. There is a place for you.

Have questions, or simply want to send us a note? We'd like to hear from you.

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