Interoperability Blueprint

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of life and segment of the global economy. Especially hard hit has been the travel and tourism sector. Faced with competing demands to restore mobility and economic activity, and protect public health, there is a growing consensus that the best route forward is one in which the global economy – and international travel – is restarted incrementally in a manner that keeps transmission in check.

The Good Health Pass Interoperability Blueprint proposes a new set of interoperability specifications which, as they are adopted, will allow airlines and governments to verify travelers’ COVID-19 status (proof of vaccination, testing, and recovery), while simultaneously ensuring that core principles – such as privacy, security, user-control, and equity – are protected.

The Good Health Pass Interoperability Blueprint addresses nine technical and interoperability challenges around which global consensus must be reached:

  • Design principles
  • Creating a consistent user experience
  • Standard data models and elements
  • Credential formats, signatures, and exchange protocols
  • Security, privacy, and data protection
  • Trust registries
  • Rules engines
  • Identity binding (ensuring the authenticity of the holder)
  • Governance

The Blueprint was developed through an open and inclusive process. More than 120 expert volunteers from the health, travel, and technology sectors came together through nine “drafting groups”, managed through a partnership with the Trust Over IP Foundation, a project of the Linux Foundation.

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