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The Good
Health Pass
A global collaboration of organizations developing a blueprint for privacy protecting, user-controlled, and universally accepted digital health credentials.
The Good Health Pass Collaborative
An open, inclusive, cross-sector initiative, bringing together leading companies and organizations from the technology, health, and travel sectors
“Allowing international travel to resume safely means we must take all possible steps to limit the spread of new COVID–19 variants. We urgently require an internationally-recognised system of health passes enabling travellers to quickly and easily prove their health status, in a secure and privacy-preserving way. The Good Health Pass Collaborative is doing vital work to develop the standards necessary to support this. Political leaders should now get behind this. The G20 group of nations should commit to establish a network of globally interoperable health passes, and set up the working groups needed to deliver it.”

Tony Blair
Executive Chairman, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, Former UK Prime Minister
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